It’s not my fault! - Raising Teens Episode 6

January 22, 2018

According to experts, the adolescent brain is not fully developed until around mid 20’s… which can result, in what we parents see as… irresponsible teenage behaviour.  Join Rob Parsons, Cathy Madavan and Philip Jinadu as they exchange ideas and experiences on rising their teens around this tricky problem.


Navigating Screen Time - Raising Teens Episode 5

September 29, 2017

As our children reach teenage years, too much screen time may interfere with other activities such as being physically active, doing homework, playing with friends, and spending time with family.  Join Katherine Hill, Rob Parsons and Philip Jinadu As they help to navigate the challenge of screen time.


Exploring Self-harming - Raising Teens Episode 4

July 10, 2017

One in ten young people self-harm in the UK today. There still remains a stigma around self-harm and it can be isolating, not only for the young person but also for the parent or carer. Join Rob Parsons, Jason Royce and Sarah Long as they explore this emotional topic.
Useful websites - | | Selfharm Young Minds | Self-harm NSPCC


Surviving Exam Season! Raising Teens Episode 3

March 16, 2017

The exam season is here…  our teens will be sitting down to slog through their GCSE or A-levels.  Join Rob Parsons, Katharine Hill and Philip Jinadu as they discuss some "dos and don'ts" for parents who want to help their children do their best, without adding to their problems and stoking their stress?


The best possible Christmas! Raising Teens Podcast Episode 2

December 16, 2016

Many families will be worried about covering the cost of Christmas this year. But is it possible to cut the expense without cutting out the fun? Listen to Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill’s tips on having the ‘Best Possible Christmas!’ without taking a debt hangover into the new year.


Privacy, Puberty and Porn! Raising Teens Podcast Episode 1

October 19, 2016

By helping our children to see the big picture about puberty, as parents we place ourselves in a better position and more prepared to confront the problem of pornography when and if it occurs in our children's lives. Join Rob Parsons, Katharine Hill and Jason Royce in this first episode of ‘Raising Teens’ podcast as we explore the three ‘P’s’ of Privacy, Puberty and Porn.